Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Piece of junk

hello,People this me :)
Need some into?
Name:Muhammad Rafiq bin Mohd Sidek
Age:Sembilan Belas(19)
Live:Bandar Baru Bangi
Hobby:Playing online games/Sleep/eat
Status:Taken by Nur Athirah bt haslan

I have long hair but my hair will kena cut soon T_T
aww veryy sadd feel wanna cry god damn!

P/s: Im Away FROM KL :D

Like: I like 2 fuck,i like 2 lick,i like to touch
I like 2 beloved i like my girl i like her !

Dislike: Betray,Bitch,HeartBreaker,playgirl,people that need
Attention,people that like 2 show off,people that
Action very smart and macho!fuck !

Me? Its me? that me? life long!life short do i care? oi fuck
im changed :P i love my self now! looking good? :P better then before
normal person normal look is the best :D yeahh!!!!!!! dunno what i talk?
i also dunno what u talk? so shallaalal traalalal! BYE

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